Biggest Lottery Winnings

Biggest Lottery Winnings. A compilation of stories about people winning the lottery. However, some of them disrupted the jackpot a few times in a row.

November 13, 2009 Organizers Kanzaskoy Lottery announced that 70-year-old truck driver Donald Damon won the jackpot, 96.6 million dollars. "I almost fainted," - said Damon. In this photo, Damon and his wife Caitlin demonstrate your check in the office lottery in Topeka.
Henry Norris thought it was the second winner of the lottery in New York in October. However, correctional employee, retired from Long Island won the lottery one, and thus took the full amount - $ 6 million. He took his check November 10, accompanied by his wife Eleanor (left), which is often dreamed of, which put her husband, and Gretchen Dayzer of "New York Lottery."
Mi Hun Moon played the lottery for the first time in life when friends visited him in New York. Her ticket, purchased for one dollar, has turned into a jackpot for $ 5 million. "To be honest, I have not moved away from the shock," - admitted the winner of the newspaper.
Dermatologist William Steele won the biggest jackpot in the history of the Florida Lottery, receiving 189 million in the game "Powerball." In this photo, Steele and his wife, Frankie Summers Steele. Steele said he was going to donate some money to charities, and he will continue his medical practice.
Jimmy Gruvz from the Bronx in New York won 168 million dollars to the lucky ticket Mega Millions Quick Pick. He took his winnings in Madison Square Garden, while joking that his prize to buy a hamburger.
22-year-old Natalie, who worked as Snow White at Disneyland, got in a real fairy tale, won 5.2 million dollars.
Public servant in retirement has won nearly $ 260 million. Solomon Jackson, Jr. (center) from Columbia, South Carolina, holds a check at a press conference on 25 August 2009. He is married, but chose to keep silent about his family and plans to win.
19-year Vacas Mazar bought his winning ticket, which brought him one million dollars at the gas station. Despite the win, he said he was going to stay home with my family, where he shares a room for four people with his brothers and sisters.
Some lucky on a grand scale. Kansai Edward Williams apparently was not completely satisfied in September 2008, having received 75 000 dollars to win a ticket for 10 bucks. August 7, 2009 the first 47-year-old former Marine has won 896 487 dollars in the lottery «Super Kansas Cash». After taxes, he received 627 541 dollars.
Aubrey Boyce won the jackpot of 133 million dollars in New York. Boyce works of collectors, he bought his winning ticket for $ 2 in stores.
50-year-old James Bush of South Daytona, Florida , holds a couple of my friend Glinnoe Shelferom winning coupon for one million dollars. This is his third win. He bought the winning ticket in Port Orange, Florida.
Brian and Joan Kasvell won 24.9 million pounds ($ 41 million) in lottery EuroMillions Lottery in Macclesfield, England. Couple plans to share the winnings with her two daughters and four grandchildren.
Neil Wanless took home ninth major win in the history of lotteries Powerball. 23-year-old picked up his prize Wanless at 232.1 million dollars May 27, 2009. A resident of Mission, South Dakota, whose family had recently regained ownership of the house, said that he would give the money to the needy.
In the grocery store in Halfmoon, New York, for the last six months there were two winners, who won one million dollars. In this photo, Shirley Fleming, with his check. Next to her is Pamela Fitch, with a photograph taken in January when she won her a million dollars.
Marin County sheriff's deputies 31-year-old Brian Cape, and 24-year-old Hansen won the Analysis of the jackpot to $ 75 million in lottery Mega Millions. A couple from California had planned to go to Disneyland and donate some money to the families of four police officers killed Oakland.
Here is a gift. Patricia and James Gray from Taking into Kansas, took the prize in $ 200 000. Winning ticket they gave the mother of James.
Jim Dancy of Richland, Mich., knew what to do with winning a $ 10 000, which he received in the lottery Club Keno - to give every cent to charity. Jim (center) donated all the money the organization Greater Kalamazoo United Way. In this photo, the winner stands with representatives of Paul Spode (left) and Mike Larson (right).
Rachel Reni Romanik won 33 million dollars in a casino in Nevada on Easter Sunday. "I could not believe his good fortune," - said the winner and mother of four children.
Linda Green - a happy wife. Her husband Michael is regularly played the lottery to win money for retirement. March 7, he bought a ticket and gave it to her - and now each week they will receive $ 1,000 before the end of his days.
A group of 10 colleagues of the insurance company in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, won a 216 million dollars in the lottery Mega Million. They said that they intend to get cash prize of $ 140 million and divide it into 10 pieces.
Dzhorma Hogbaka celebrates vyigrsh at 12.24 million dollars in Toronto. A welder by trade, he admitted that he was waiting for this win, as the psychic had promised that once he gets rich.
Jessica Agbunag (center) won the $ 2.4 million on slot machines during his first trip to Las Vegas. In this picture she is with her father, Frankie and employee hotel and casino in Las Vegas. Family Agbunag came to Las Vegas to honor the memory of his grandmother, who loved to play at the casino.
19-year-old Jonathan Vargas became the first resident of South Carolina, who won a jackpot lottery Powerball $ 35 million. He plans to buy his mother a house and quit work at a construction site.
A couple from Minnesota and Sue Paul Rozeno won the jackpot in 180.1 million dollars in the lottery Powerball May 2008 - the largest prize in the state. They chose the $ 88 million. After deducting taxes, they were 59, 6 million.
In March 2008, eight colleagues Branch Tax Service District of West Virginia won Monongaliya 276.3 million in the lottery «Powerball». Women will get 139 million, after-tax amount to 12 million each.
In February 2008, Tonya and Robert Harris bought at the store the winning ticket, which brought them $ 270 million in the lottery Mega Millions in Portal, Georgia. As the winning numbers they used the birth dates of their six grandchildren.